On Film

For the last few months I have been carrying around my Canon AE-1 with me every time I have been out and about and trying to get through my first roll of black and white film.  The film I chose was Fomapan 100 which is a relatively cheap film that comes from the Czech Republic. As this was my first experience shooting in black  and white, I had no idea what the end results would look like.  I guess in hindsight, I should have done a little bit more research into the type of film I wanted to use rather than relying on the every friendly camera shop assistant to sell me the cheapest film he had.

I was very cautious with each shot I took, taking extra care to get the composition right, focus and check all the settings were correct, which is still a big deal for me because I am learning the camera and all its functions at the same time.

Well, after about 2 months or so, I finally finished the roll and got it developed.  The anticipation in waiting to see what I had created was immense and after a week, I got a disk back from my local camera shop with my work on it.

Out of 40 images, I got back 34 that had been developed and out of those, I had 8 images that I was happy with.  The rest are either over exposed or slightly out of focus.

What I was most pleased about was the texture, grain and general look of the photos.  I got a sense that I had stepped into another era or time with the way the photos looked.  I had no idea that's what they would end up looking like but I am beyond thrilled with the results.  Its something I could not replicate with my iPhone or other digital cameras.  Now its onto my second roll and on to new creative challenges!.